I’ve been to many dental offices before but none of them have looked as beautiful and welcoming as Silverlake Smiles. The entire staff is so nice and efficient. I would recommend this office to everyone.

The best cleaning I’ve ever had is at Silverlake Smiles! Me and my teeth are both very happy every time I leave. If you’re looking for a boutique style thorough dental experience this is the place for you!

Silverlake Smiles has exceeded my expectations in what I expect from a dental office. I was taken almost immediatly, the staff is so friendly and personable and they used some of the most cutting edge technology that made the process quick, efficient and sanitary. My experience felt like walking into a spa from the meditative set up all the way to the experienced team.

The stuff at Silverlake Smiles really take care to consider every aspect of your care…cosmetic to financial to overall dental health. My experience has been 5 star and if you’re looking for a new dentist, look no further!

After 6 years and 2 bad dental office experiences later… my Romeo molar got its crown found Dr. Juliet! LOL Without being punny, this seriously was the easiest and best experience. What took the first dentist 3 bad temporary crowns and an even worse 4th permanent crown, my tooth was left exposed. She literally fixed the issue in 2 short visits. She place the new crown on so quickly and efficiently and even went the extra mile and had me bring my mouth guard in so she could adjust it. Definitely sticking with her!

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