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Many people get nervous or fear going to the dentist for treatment. For people who fear dental procedures or would rather avoid dentists altogether, sedation dentistry helps to take away some of that anxiety. Sedation dentistry focuses on relieving the stress and pain associated with dental appointments through sedation.

Silverlake Smiles offers sedation dentistry in Silverlake and the surrounding areas to help relieve patients of their dental anxiety and make procedures virtually painless. We offer different types of sedation to make the time spent at our clinic comfortable and relaxing. Factors such as medical history and preference determine the right type of sedation dentistry for each patient.

Conscious Sedation

Conscious sedation dentistry involves putting a patient in a state of extreme sedation without putting them to sleep. The process requires a patient to take a small pill about an hour before the dental appointment. Patients already feel very drowsy by the time they arrive at the dentist’s office, so they need to find someone to drive them.

Conscious sedation puts patients in a highly relaxed state that only mimics sleep. Patients may fall asleep, but they’ll still be able to communicate with the dentist if necessary. The dental practitioner will also monitor the patient’s vital signs throughout the procedure.

Because oral conscious sedation affects the patient’s memory and motor skills, the patient will need a family member or friend to drive them home after the procedure. Overall, conscious sedation quiets the mind and reduces stress levels before and during the dental procedure.

After the procedure, patients rarely remember it or the anxiety of the entire ordeal. It creates a state of short-term amnesia where the patient experiences insensitivity to pain without losing consciousness.

Nitrous Oxide

A dentist may recommend nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas) to help patients with dental phobia relax in the chair. Laughing gas is safe for both adults and children. The gas leaves patients awake and aware during the dental procedure.

A dental practitioner gently places a mask over the patient’s nose and tells them to breathe deeply. The laughing gas only takes a few moments to start working. Unlike other types of sedation dentistry, nitrous oxide wears off quickly. This short-term effect means that patients can drive themselves home or return to work after the appointment.

Similarly, children who have laughing gas can return to school after their appointment. Nitrous oxide carries the least risk compared to other sedation methods. Any side effects stop once the dentist removes the mask.

Laughing gas has many applications, from root canals to patients who need their teeth cleaned. However, intensive procedures require more than laughing gas to prevent pain. For example, a patient may need general anesthesia to numb a tooth that needs filling.

At Silverlake Smiles, we believe that anxiety shouldn’t keep patients from receiving the quality dental care they deserve. Sedation dentistry helps patients get the care they need for long-lasting health. Please call us today at (213) 631-7799 to find a sedation option that works for you.

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