Silverlake Dentures

Silverlake Dentures

Silverlake Smiles provides residents of Silverlake with full dentures, partial dentures, and dental implants to restore a stunning smile. We understand how missing one or several teeth affects one’s self-confidence. Our high-quality full or partial dentures alleviate this issue.

How Do Dentures Work?                       

Dentures adhere to your mouth through suction, thanks to the custom fit created by your dentist. Besides suction, a denture adhesive reinforces the surface of the denture to ensure it stays in place. After the dentist extracts the tooth, the dentures adhere to the alveolar (bone) ridge, allowing for normal tooth function.

Initially, it may take practice for full dentures to feel normal with eating and talking. However, you will be back to eating your favorite foods with ease in no time. The muscles and bones of the jaw and mouth will adjust to the new movements that occur when utilizing dentures.

Styles of Full Dentures

During your initial consultation, your dentist will determine which type of dentures best suit your dental needs. Some cases may only require a few replacement teeth, while others may benefit from a full set of dentures.

Immediate dentures: Immediate dentures quickly provide patients with a new set of teeth, giving them plenty of time to adjust to the new dentures. However, immediate dentures typically offer a short-term option for adapting to dentures. These dentures generally have a less precise fit for the patient because the dentist applies them immediately after tooth extraction.

Conventional full dentures: These dentures take more time to craft because they require a custom fit for each person. However, they operate much like the original teeth. They deliver an extremely comfortable and natural feel, enabling patients to eat and talk normally.

Implant anchors: Dental implants create more strength and stability when a dentist anchors them to the top or lower dentures. Patients find that using an implant as an anchor provides the most comfortable and natural feel to their original teeth.

Styles of Partial Dentures

Transitional dentures: These partial dentures tend to be inexpensive and removable. They act as a placeholder for the permanent tooth implant while the gums heal after the initial tooth extraction.

Removable dentures: While removable dentures tend to be more expensive, they remain considerably more comfortable, lighter, and less bulky than traditional plastic dentures. They also allow for a better fit inside the patient’s mouth due to their construction and material base.

Reasons for Dentures

  • To restore your smile after tooth loss due to decay or gum disease.
  • To allow for proper tooth function that enables you to eat and talk normally.
  • To alleviate bad breath resulting from tooth decay or gum disease.

Repair Your Smile and Your Confidence

Silverlake Smiles is proud to provide Silverlake, CA, residents with their dentures and oral health care. We will help you determine which type of dentures best suit your individual needs.

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